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The Budget/Latest/Actual tab displays the budget per financial period for accounts selected on the Viewing Options tab.  Multiple options are provided on this screen where you can select to include or exclude the approved and/or latest amounts and whether the display should stop at the current financial period or display all financial periods for the selected financial year.  The option Hide Zero Budgets will totally remove accounts from the grid where neither an approved or latest budget exists.


The actual account balance is dynamically displayed in real-time and a detailed display of the journals responsible for the current actual amount displayed for an account/financial period can be viewed by clicking the Actual column and then clicking the Detail Journal Entries tab.  Although the approved budgets for cost centre accounts will normally be maintained by the responsible cost centre manager, as will be done by the divisional manager or accountant for divisional accounts, the Division rules as defined via the Division screen, allows for alternate settings.


On this tab the following fields can be viewed:



The Apply button is enabled when a value is changed, and Enter is clicked.


The totals in the grid will be updated and the  database will be updated.


It is populated with all budget, latest, pre-commitment, commitment, actual, and balance-to-date values for the selected accounts.


Click on an Actual amount then click on the Detail Journal Entries tab to see the detail transactions that made up this actual amount.


One can also double click on an entry to see the Detail Transactions.


The standard Windows' Copy and Paste functionality can be used when entering budget.

hmtoggle_plus1Hide Zero Budget

When checked, it will hide all the accounts listed in the grid, where all the values for all the financial periods are zero.


When Note is clicked, it displays a description field, for the budget, or actual cost for the specific financial period.


This is an optional alphanumeric field.  This is often used to motivate or explain budget figures.


Note may be added by a Divisional or Cost Centre Manager, Divisional Accountant or Account Responsible Person, or Acting For above mentioned persons.

hmtoggle_plus1Stop at Current Period

This is used for the current financial year.  When checked, it will show budgets up to and including this current financial period.

hmtoggle_plus1View Approved

When checked it will include the Approve budget line on the grid.


The approved budgets can only be maintained if the settings on the Division function allows the Cost Centre/Division Manager, Division Accountant, Chief Executive Officer or persons acting for them to do so.


RELATED TOPIC: Approved Current Year Update By and Approved Future Year Updated By on the[****]Division function.                

hmtoggle_plus1View Balance to Date

When checked, it will show a balance to date amount for all the accounts listed in the grid. This is specifically to view a cumulative total for balance sheet accounts.

hmtoggle_plus1View Comm/Pre-Comm

This checkbox will enable the showing of  Pre-commitment and Commitment values in the grid for General Ledger Budget checking purposes.


Pre-commitment Value: This will be the value for all requisitions which are not yet in a committed status.


Commitment Value: This is the value for all requisitions which are already in a committed status but no actual has been processed yet.


The committed status of each type of requisition is setup in the[****]Requisition Configuration function.

hmtoggle_plus1View Latest

When checked, it will include the Latest budget line on the Grid.  The latest budgets are not governed by divisional settings.