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Detail Journal Entries

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The Detail Journal Entries tab displays the individual journals that were responsible for the current actual amount displayed for the account/financial period selected on the Budget/Latest/Actual tab.  The detail journals can be sorted either by date, value or source.  Clicking a specific journal will enable you to click the Journal Source tab and view the source transaction of the selected journal.


On this tab the following fields can be viewed:



It is a read only field that displays the account being inquired on.

hmtoggle_plus1Detail Journal Entries

The Detail Journal Entries tab is only enabled when an Actual row is clicked, on the Budget/Latest/Actual tab.

hmtoggle_plus1Detail Journal Entries Grid

It is populated with the date and time, amount and source from the Journal table.  The Entries can be sorted by clicking on the column heading of the column to be sorted.


Select a journal entry and double click on the entry or click on the Journal Source tab to see more details regarding the specific transaction.


This button will export the list of Journal Entries into an Excel spreadsheet as a report.

hmtoggle_plus1Financial Period

It is a read only field that displays the financial period being inquired on.

hmtoggle_plus1Format Numeric Values

When selected will display the Numeric values equal to the value stored in the table, i.e. three decimals.

hmtoggle_plus1Journal Timestamp

When the user click on Journal Timestamp, the journal entries posted between the From and To date will be displayed.


When the user click on Populate the entries for specific selection will be displayed.

hmtoggle_plus1Refresh Journals

When this option is selected the user will be able to see the journals refreshing for the selected intervals per second.


This combo serves as a filter to let the user make a choice which Journal Entries with which Source must be displayed in the grid.


Starts the Refreshing of the Data at regular intervals.


Stop the Refreshing of the Data.

hmtoggle_plus1Today Only

When the user click on Today Only, the journal entries for Today Only will be displayed.