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Scheduled Depreciation

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This option can be used if depreciation should be in a scheduled format - with a fixed % per period, which can differ from period to period.


The scheduled depreciation requires the total number of months over which the asset is to be depreciated to be captured on the Asset Depreciation tab.


On selecting this option the percentage depreciation will automatically be divided equally over the total number of months selected. This can, however, be changed on the Scheduled Depreciation tab.


hmtoggle_plus1Rescheduling Depreciation

The fields will automatically be equally divided over the total number of months selected. By changing the percentages for each period, the depreciation can be changed to cover each company's own depreciation policy.



The Apply button will store the new settings for each period as it is changed.


The changes will not be allowed if the total percentage of the monthly depreciation does not add to 100%.