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Tag Linking

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On this tab is divided into two sections, namely the filter section (top section) and the detail/results section (bottom table section).


The following fields are available when filtering for data regarding asset tags:

Asset Number


From Date


Show Only Active

Tag Number

Tag Type



The results of the search function are displayed in the table. This table displays the asset tag details of the asset(s). It displays the Tag Number, Tag Type, Asset Number, Location ID, Date and Active fields from the Tag Master table.


To perform an adjustment, the desired asset needs to be selected, the tag details amended, then click Change.


The purpose of the fields are as follows:


Tag Number

The system allocates the next tag number via Number Control if auto numbering is On, therefore leave blank. A number will be allocated when the recorded has been added. If auto numbering is Off, the user can manually enter an tag number.


Tag Type

The list of available Tag Types is available for selection.


Asset Number

The list of assets is available for selection.


Location ID

The list of asset locations is available for selection.



The date from which the asset tagging applies.



If selected, the asset tag is active.