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Bank  Transaction Import

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The bank transaction import function can be used to import Debtor payment transactions in bulk format using an MS excel of text file. These are all "into" bank transactions against a customer/ organisation. The purpose of this function is to bulk import transactions and to  convert a bank statement file to a specific format file which are used by this function to import the bank transactions and thus to eliminate manually capturing of transactions.


The function has a matching capability and will use the Bank statement reference as supplied by the external organisation function to lookup the matching correct organisation code. This  is used as a mapping to the organisation code, as the customer might use a different code for his account than the organisation code as used in the system.


The file can then be validated  and matched, and records without a match to the reference number/organisation code can be altered and a specific organisation can be selected from a drop down box.


The option is also to select one organisation for all the "unmatched records" - for example an organisation can be created  as "Debtors Unapplied Cash" and all transactions can be processed to this organisation. When settlements are done and allocated on  the Debtors Transfer settlement function, these transactions can be selected and used to allocate to the correct organisation's invoices.


Bank transactions will be processed as reconciled, as the statement  number and statement date are specified in the import file. Thus reconciling journals will  be processed for each transaction


The bank transactions processed  by this function, will need to comply with all the standard business rules and access rights as for the Bank transaction function. Please refer to the Bank transaction Help for more  detail .