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Bank Transaction Import Detail

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On this tab the following fields exists:


Importing Data


hmtoggle_plus1Reading File Frame

The source file can be selected and browsed by clicking this button.


The delimiter of the file used must be selected. If  the file is in Excel format, the the delimiter is not mandatory and the function will disable this field.


This will display the number of records in the file selected


The file can be selected and viewed from this button. This will  be to quickly view and validate if the correct file is used.


Once the source file has been selected, click the "Import File" button. It will validate all the records in the source file and if any errors occur, will show them in the unsuccessful records written to field.

It will populate the file in the Bank transaction processing grid, where the file can then be validated and processed



hmtoggle_plus1Bank Transaction Processing Frame

The  Batch number is an alphanumerical value which the system will generate for each new file being imported. Previous batches not processed yet can also be looked up and after correction processed by selecting the batch number.


This field will display the user name who created the Batch file


This field will display the user name who processedthe Batch file


When this tick box is selected then all the entries without an organisation code match to the reference number supplied, will default to the organisation as selected by the first entry


Bank code: This is  the bank code as captured in the import file
Bank statement: This is  the the bank statement as captured in the import file
Statement Date: This is the statement date as captured in the import file
Reference number: This is the reference number as captured in the import file
Organisation Name: This is the organisation name/ customer who  captured in the import file
Financial Period: This is the financial period as captured in the import file. This will be the finacial period to which the journals will be processed.
Amount: This it the bank transactions local amount  as captured in the import file
Foreign Amount:  This is the foreign amount as captured in the import file
Foreign currency:  This is the foreign currency as captured in the import file
Notes: These are the notes as captured in the import file




On Click of the validate button, the records will all be checked and ensure they comply with all the bank transaction insert checks. If any errors with records, these records will show in the "error tab" and the Batch file will not be allowed to be processed.



Changes to the file can be made after validation. e.g. the organisation can be selected for all unmatched records. After the change button is clicked, the changes will be saved and the validate button can be clicked again for validation



The process button will only be enable once all the records are validated without any errors. If the transactions are processed the standard bank transaction insert applies, and all transaction will be inserted as  bank transactions and can then be viewed in the bank transaction function



The Delete button will delete the selected record from the file. This will only be allowed if the record is not yet processed.




hmtoggle_plus1Unsuccessful List

It displays the Processing ID and Error message of each unsuccessful transaction