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Account To Account Alocation Function

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On this tab the following fields can be viewed:


hmtoggle_plus0Available Budget Id's

This list box displays all capital purchase schedule budgets as per the selected parameters.

hmtoggle_plus0Responsible person

This field is populated with the responsible persons in the budget header table. These are all the people responsible for capital budgets.

The responsible person field is populated by the logged on employee if the two are the same. If the logged on employee is either the div mgr or div accountant and has the budget capital account profile, all responsible persons where the organisation relation number of the id is either a cost centre in that division, the division itself, or a contract in/for that division will be populated. It is enabled and may be left blank if you can see more than one name here.

hmtoggle_plus0Selected Budget Id's

This list box displays the capital purchase schedule budgets for which capital (cost) budgets are to be created and division account entities are to be updated.

hmtoggle_plus0Update Division\Cost Centre Capital Accounts

This check box , when checked, updates account entities for division or cost centre budgets for each of the account entities of the selected capital budgets and for the node entities where the material account is not spaces.