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Budget Account Allocation

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The purpose of this combined function is to allocate costs to various accounts from the source budget data.

Unlike the functions budget, budget payment shipment and budget resource allocation, the system will allow changes to a budget entity if the aforementioned entity is locked.



The profiles Budget CC Account Allocation or Budget Div Account Allocation or Budget Capital Account or Budget Payment Shipment Account are required to use these tabs.

The use of these tabs also requires that the user be either the div manager, div accountant, the responsible person, cost centre manager or their acting for,

to entitle them to create various budgets with the exception of the Budget Payment Shipment Account profile for the Budget Payment Shipment Account tab which is role independent.


Note that these account allocations should be performed after all required downloads and/or budgeting has been completed because the accounts are calculated from base data created in the budgeting / download process.