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Capital Account Allocation Function

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This tab requires the Budget Capital Account Allocation profile.

The use of this tab also requires that the user be either the div manager, div accountant, or the responsible person or their acting for, to entitle them to update various budgets.


It affects all capital purchase schedule budgets and affects node and account entities. The total_base_amounts are summed across all capital purchase budget schedules (found in the budget payment shipment table) for each node and account entity for the selected baseline. A capital (cost) budget record is created for each node and account entity.

In addition, the records in budget payment delivery are again read and summed per account (per baseline) and the account becomes an account entity in either a division or cc budget (in the budget resource allocation table) dependant on the type of account. The sum(total base amount) is then debited to this account and credited to creditors provisioning. These are material resource account entity records.



Select sum(total_base_amount) from bpd

(for all the purchase orders per node and account)

Where budget type id                = 'Capital'

And budget entity type                = 'Node' or 'Account'

And order type                                = 'Pur'

And budget amount type                in ( 'BP', 'BACP', 'BCP')

And write a Bra record for budget entity id = 'Capital'

Where budget entity id                = 'Capital'

And budget entity type                = 'Node' or 'Account'

And budget amount type                = 'B'

And budget source                                = 'BS'

And budget resource type                = 'M'




Select sum(Total_amount) from the budget_payment_delivery table (bpd)

(per bpd account) for the entire baseline (irrespective of the node / account entity)


If    bpd.budget_type_id        = 'CAPITAL'
 and bpd.budget_entity_type                        = 'NODE' and 'ACCOUNT'

and bpd.order_type                                  = 'PUR'

and bpd.budget_amount_type                  in ('BP', 'BACP', 'BCP')


Cr div.creditors provisioning account (negative)

Dr bpd.account  (positive)


On this tab the following fields can be viewed:


hmtoggle_plus0Company Specific Baseline

This field indicates which baselines are required. If the field is checked, only formal company specified baselines will be available for selection. If the field is unchecked, only non company specific baselines will be available for selection.

hmtoggle_plus0Fin Period From and To

These default to the financial periods of the min applicable start and max applicable end dates of the capital budgets found for the baseline selected. These fields are enabled and may be changed within the initial range.

They are mandatory.