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When the elipse button is clicked, the grid is populated with existing entities - from order line (for orders), node (for nodes) and account (for accounts). The grid defaults the select check to 'on' for all active (non suspended) orders and accounts. Double clicking on the 'select' heading may change this selection. Once the selections have been made, the user may click on the add button to link these entities to the budget id and baseline.


The following fields are displayed for order entities:

Select, order number, order type, line number, completion date, line type, status, quantity ordered, total price, description, coordinator, contractual base date, division, product, start date and part number.


The following fields are displayed for node entities:

node, status, description, milestone node, program node, wbs code, parent node, node manager, start date, end date, division, product, cost limit, requisition approval limit, material account, labour account, fixed overhead account, overhead account, budget checking, authorised to approve and recovery.


The following fields are displayed for account entities:

select, account, account status, account code, account code description, class, responsible person, division and division description.


Double-clicking on rows here will populate the budget entity tab with the information in this row and allow the user to add the entity on the entity tab (This is not applicable for nodes as an entire structure is added from the populated grid screen).


On this tab the following fields can be viewed:



This button links (adds) entities to the budget id and baseline selected on the budget entity tab.

If the select column is checked and the Add button is clicked (add button only for nodes) the entity will be added and the Entity summary screen will be opened to allow the display of existing entities.

On the add of a customer order type entity, a budget payment delivery record is automatically created and inserted with its entity key (top) matching its order key (bottom key), i.e. it automatically creates a customer order schedule for the customer order. If the entity was copied from the order line table (an existing ERP system customer order line, its sales account is entered in the account field of the customer schedule record.

If the customer order was added manually, the over counter sales account for the division is entered in the account field of the customer schedule record.

be add trigger - change from cred interim account  default to over counter sales account.


This button closes the populated grid and takes the user back to the budget entity tab.

hmtoggle_plus1Node Type

This field, if clicked, allows only those entities in that status to be displayed.


This field populates with the various statuses of the entities displayed.

A status may be selected which will then allow only those entities in that status to be displayed.