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Budget Upload

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On this tab the following fields can be viewed:



Default values exist but may be changed. The upload usually uses the latest budget value if budgets are uploaded, but the approved value may be uploaded instead.


This button invokes the upload procedure.

hmtoggle_plus1Available Budget Entities

These are the entities available for upload as per the parameters selected above.


This field displays the valid baselines available for selection and is enabled. Selection of this field is mandatory.

hmtoggle_plus1Budget Id

This field populates with all valid budget ids. If more than 1 budget type was specified, the user is may then not select a specific budget id. All budget id's for the types checked (specified) will be selected. If a single budget type was specified, clicking on 'Specific' and selecting the required budget id may choose a specific budget id. Selecting a single budget id allows for the display of the applicable dates. These are the dates within which the download will take place.

hmtoggle_plus1Budget Types

This field displays all the standard budget types in the budget system.  It defaults to 'All' but may be changed to 'Specific' to enable the selection of certain budget types only. Selection of at least one budget type is mandatory.

hmtoggle_plus1Client Shipment Schedule

The user may select to upload customer / sales order schedules (lines) for shipments only or both payments and shipments (if both this and the client payment schedule checkbox (es) have been checked.)

hmtoggle_plus1Company Specific Baseline

This field indicates which baselines are required. If the field is checked, only formal company specified baselines will be available for selection. If the field is unchecked, only non company specific baselines will be available for selection.


By clicking on the button, all entities as per the parameters selected will be displayed in the list box available for selection. This helps to identify exactly which entities will be uploaded.

hmtoggle_plus1Entity Types

The user may select the valid entity types as per the budget type(s) selected. Nodes and accounts are linked to Capital and Own funded budgets. Order and accounts are linked to Contract budgets. Only accounts are linked to cost centre and division budgets. Only nodes are linked to Project budgets.  All - Will ensure that all entity types are uploaded. Specific - Allows for the selection of specific entities.


Default values exist but may be changed. The budget values from the material / labour budget tables are usually used but budget scenario may be selected and its values will be used. The system defaults the latest budgeted values, but the approved values may be selected instead.  Should approved budgets be selected, these will only be uploaded if the node is in planned status. The status of the node is not relevant if the scenario or latest budget has been selected.Please note that the upload is usually performed across budgets and thus across nodes.

It is therefore quite likely that the person doing the upload will not be the node or cost centre manager of the node(s). Uploading when the BCWS or LCWS options have been checked will violate the rule existing in the ERP system that allows only the node manager (and cost centre manager) to update budgets.  Note that the labour budget table does not contain a 'number of resources' field. In this case the upload will multiply the hours by the number of resources for a specific resource and insert this figure as the true hours.

hmtoggle_plus1Responsible Person

This field is populated with the responsible persons in the budget header table. These are all the people responsible for budgets. Depending on your role within the company, you may be able to see more than your own name here. It is enabled and may be left blank if you can see more than one name here.

hmtoggle_plus1Selected Budget Entities

These are the entities that have been selected for the upload. If the 'Specific' option has been selected and no entities have been carried over to 'selected budget entities', no uploads will take place.

hmtoggle_plus1Upload Listbox

The user has the option to upload entities as per the parameters selected.  This is done by leaving the 'All' option selected.  However he/she may wish to view the entities prior to uploading or select only some of them, in which case the 'Specific' option should be selected. The list displays the entities for which the upload may take place.

hmtoggle_plus1Upload Range Financial Period

These fields default to the current financial period.


Budget Upload takes information from the budget system and inserts it into the main system tables. Account entities are not uploaded, i.e. new accounts may not be created in the budget

system and then inserted into the accounts tables in the main system.  New Orders may be created in the budget system and then inserted into the order tables in the main system. Existing orders may not be affected by the upload. Nodes may be created in the budget system and then inserted into the node table in the main system. Existing nodes are  not updated via the upload. It is thus very important that the 2 systems be kept in sync - i.e. that a situation where changes have been made to node details of nodes that exist in the budget system first be brought in sync prior to an upload. The upload does however make changes (ie inserts and changes) to Account Budget and Actuals, Node Labour and Material/Scenario budgets. The BCWS budgets may only be uploaded if the node is planned.


The start OR end dates of the entities that are uploaded must be within the applicable dates. The upload pertains to data between the applicable start and end dates of the budget(s) selected.


The function only uploads records that have the following statuses:



Note that once a manually created entity and its budget records have been uploaded, its source is changed from 'BS' - 'Budgeted Source' to the name of the table to which the upload takes place.  This is done to allow the subsequent downloads to be performed for these entities. If the source remains 'BS' no budget downloads would be possible.


The profile Budget Administration Profile is required to use this function. The use of this function also requires that the user be either the div manager, div accountant, the responsible person, or their acting for to entitle them to affect various budgets.  A Budget Super Administration profile exists that is role in dependant.  All administration functions may be performed if the user has this profile, irrespective of budget type, cost centre, division etc.