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Budget Appointment Types 1

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This tab allows the user to create user appointment types in addition to those standard ones provided by the system. They must then be referenced to a standard appointment type. The system then treats these appointment types in the same way.


On this tab the following fields can be viewed:


hmtoggle_plus1Add 1

This button allows a new budget appointment id to be added.

hmtoggle_plus1Based On Budget Appointment Type 1

This is the standard budget appointment id to which the user's budget id is related. It is enabled and mandatory. The 'Based on' budget appointment id may not be changed if records exist for this budget id.

hmtoggle_plus1Budget Appointment Type Id 1

The Budget Appointment Type Id contains 6 standard appointment types namely : Permanent payroll (PP), overseas payroll (OP), payroll contractor (PC), corporate paid staff (DP), independent contractors (IC) and external non employees (EN).

One can create one's own (5 character) budget appointment id's. These must be related to one of the standard appointment id's. The user's appointment id therefore functions in the same manner as the named standard appointment id. It is enabled and mandatory.

hmtoggle_plus1Change 1

This button allows the description or the budget appointment id on which the said budget appointment id is based to be changed.

hmtoggle_plus1Delete 1

This button allows the budget appointment id to be deleted. The budget id may not be deleted if records exist for this id.

hmtoggle_plus1Description 1

This is the description of the appointment id. It is enabled and is mandatory.