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Pop Grid Info

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The following fields are displayed in this populated grid : Select,

node, order number, order type, order type description,

order line, line type, line type description, completion date,

status, description, units ordered, units completed, units in

inspection, units rejected, unit base amount, unit foreign

amount, rate of exchange, currency code, currency code

description, part number, start date, organisation code,

organisation code description, settlement terms and status code.

Double-clicking on a row populates the budget payment shipment

header with the detail on this row. The schedule line may then

be added on that tab. If the user selects various rows, and

then clicks on the Add button, these schedule lines will be added.

The various statuses that exist in the data that was populated, is

populated here. The user may select a single status and click on

show to display records in that particular status only.

Clicking on this button displays the records belonging to

the selected status or all statuses if the field is blank.

The status combo box displays only the existing statuses as per the

data selected - closed is included.

Clicking on the add button adds the schedule lines to the entity.

Clicking on cancel closes this screen and the budget payment shipment

header is displayed. Where an appropriate account cannot be found

for a selected record, it is not added.


See Account Heading for rules.