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This tab displays budgeted, actual, planned and release commitment data. The data here is disabled. The data here will refresh if the upper parameters on the Resource Detail tab have changed or the Apply button has been clicked.


On this tab the following fields can be viewed:


hmtoggle_plus1Display Range

The user may select either the financial period or date radio buttons. The from and to dates default to the start and end dates/periods of the entity.

hmtoggle_plus1Display Options

The user may select to display hours (for labour or both) or total amounts.


All data per amount type, cost centre, resource and employee (labour only or both), will be displayed here for the entire date or period range selected in the parameters. It is disabled.

Double-clicking on a record in the grid will display the data on the Resource Detail

hmtoggle_plus1Group By

If group by is selected, the grouping is either by resource (sums all values per resource, cost centre (labour only) and amount type) or employee (labour only) (sums all values per employee, cost centre (labour only) and amount type).


The data may either be sorted or grouped.


Clicking on the overview button opens the Budget overview function with the parameters as per the entity on the resource allocation function.

hmtoggle_plus1Resource Types

The user may choose to select either the labour, material or both radio buttons.


Clicking on the show button will display the data on the budget resource allocation table as per the parameters selected.

hmtoggle_plus1Sort By

If sort by is selected, the sort order is either by resource and then employee or employee and the resource.