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The Calendar Tab is used to define Calendars as well as Exception Calendars. When a new Calendar Id is created the Calendar Add Button will be activated. Users must have a security Profile with the function Calendar linked to it with  Add, Change and Delete selected in order to add and Maintain Calendars.

When additional days are added to either the selected Calendar or Exception Calendar the Extend Days button will be active. To enable the add or Extend Days Buttons and to create a new Calendar or Exception Calendar all the Day's Combo Boxes must be selected.

The Following controls is applicable on this tab:-

hmtoggle_plus1Add Cal

When clicked the calendar is added to the Calendar table.   The linked day types are added to the Calender_Day table. This is used to create any new Calendar or new Exception Calendar. The Add Cal button also incorporates the Build Calendar procedure which will build the new calendar as per the settings and write the Built_Calendar table.

hmtoggle_plus1Add Days

Only when a new calendar or exception Calendar is added the Add Cal button will be enabled. When this button is clicked the calendar table, Calendar Days table and Built Calendar tables will be created for the selected data.


The frame has two Option Buttons to indicate if the user wants to work on a Calendar (Base Calendar) or an Exception Calendar.  A Calendar may have one or more exception calendars linked to it. An exception calendar contains only the days that differences to an existing Calendar/Base Calendar.  The editing works the same as for a calendar, but there is a difference in the rules.

Calendars must have all the days between the start date and the end date of the Calendar defined while an exception calendar may have gaps. Exception Calendars may also not exceed the first and Last date of the Calendar it is linked to.


When the change button is clicked the calendar changes are updated in the Calendar table. The Calendar table contains fields like the Calendar description, Calendar Nme and an Active code.


This frame is used to specify a day type per day of the week. A day type can also be set for public holidays. Setting a day type for "All", sets all week and holidays to the same day type. These combo boxes will only populate day types with shifts assigned to it.

Once the calendar has been added the day types are cleared in the combo's.

Use Holidays checkbox will use the predefined holidays on the Holiday tab to create the Calendar Days table and the Day Types specified for Holidays will be added as day types. Please note that when using this functionality for a period exceeding a year the days specified for Good Friday and Easter may be incorrect as it is not always on the same date, and it is therefore good practice to manually update these dates on the View Calendar tab.

Sunday Holidays to Mondays will schedule the Monday following a Sunday as a holiday if the Sunday happens to be a holiday.


This frame will by default display the current  start date and end date of a Calendar. If the Calendar selected is an exception calendar, the date controls will default the min date and max date in the calendar. to view the full extent of the calendar the user must go to the View Calendar tab where the portions of the exception calendars will be visible in the proper day type colors and the days not covered by the exception calendar will be shown as grey.

To extend a Calendar(Base) the user must select the either of the add before date from, or add after date to, buttons. This will allow the user to select the days by which the calendar must be extended. The Extend Days Button will be enabled if these check boxes are selected.  

To extend the days on a exception calendar, the add before date from, or add after date to, can be selected if the user wants to but if calendar days needs to be entered between two period of an exception both dates has to be selected without selecting existing days  on the selected exception calendar. If existing days are selected in a range, the user will get a Primary Key error.

If you want to delete days and click the delete button only the selected days are removed. The day types, shifts and calendar will still be in tact though. Selecting the "All" option includes every single day in the calendar. Days within a Calendar (Base) cannot be deleted, Only days at the start or end of the calendar can be deleted.  

hmtoggle_plus1Delete Days

Depending on the settings either the calendar, exception calendar or day types are deleted from the Calendar. The days selected top be deleted has to be selected in the Date Frame. Only days at the start or end can be deleted from the Base Calendar. Days from within a range can be deleted in an Exception Calendar.

hmtoggle_plus1Delete Calendar

When Delete Calendar is clicked, the Calendar as well as all the Calendar days and the Built Calendar records will be deleted for the selected Calendar. If the Calendar however is referenced on a work center or the calendar is a Base Calendar with existing Exception Calendars the Calendar trigger will not allow the trigger to be deleted.