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This function is used to create and maintain shift based calendars. These will be linked to work centers to show shifts which apply to a work center. This information will be used during operation scheduling. Shifts exist out of day types. The functionality also allows you to  add calendars which are similar to other calendars by just adding the exceptions.  Note that one should have a Non-Work shift. This shift has any start date, but a duration of zero. This shift will be used to define non-working days later.

The Calendars are stored as follows:-

Calendar Table has the Calendar Headers which contains the Calendar Id, The Base Calendar Id, Calendar Name, Calendar Description and the active indicator.

A Base Calendar is a Calendar where the Calendar Id and Base Calendar id is the same.

If the Calendar Id and Base Calendar Id is not the same the Base Calendar Id must refer to an Active Base calendar. Multiple Exception Calendars can be linked to a Base Calendar.


Calendar Days are stored in the Calendar Day Table.

The table contains the Calendar Id, Calendar Day Id, Calendar Date, and Calendar Day Type.

Only calendar Days which has a different Day Type as the Day Type for the same date in the Base Calendar will be added in the Calendar Day Table for the Exception Calendar.

Base Calendars must have Calendar Days for al the days for the duration of the calendar.

Exception Calendars may have interrupted periods in the Calendar Day table but the Exception Calendar cannot start before or end After the Base Calendar to which it is linked.


Built Calendar Table is used as the basis for scheduling.

Calendars are built automatically when a new calendar is added, when additional days are added to the Calendar or when the Day Types are changed on the Calendar Day table.

When changes are made to Shifts or to Shifts allocated to days, the Calendar is not rebuilt by default because such rebuilt will have to be performed for all the Calendars and in order to perform many rebuilds as the shift data is changed the global rebuild will only be performed when the user clicks the rebuild button.

When Calendars are built days with a shift without hours will not be in the Built Calendar table.

When an Exception Calendar is built the Built Calendar table will contain all the days from the exception Calendar as well as all the days from the Base Calendar where the Exception Calendar has no days.

The set up works as follows:

Add Shift(s) on the Day Shift tab

Add Day types on the Day Shift tab

Link Day Types to Shifts on the Day Shift tab

Add Calendar on the Calendar Tab

Assign Day Types to weekdays on the Calendar tab

 View and Maintain Calendar on the View Calendar tab

 Predefine Public Holidays on the Holiday tab.