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This tab will populate a calendar view where the different colours linked to the day types are displayed on the different days. The calendar can be viewed in three different modes i.e. Both Calendar and Exception, Calendar only or exception only. The calendars viewed will be the calendars selected on the Calendar Tab.

When Exception is selected only the days that exists in the exception calendar will be in the selected day type colours. The rest of the days will be displayed in grey.

The calendars selected can also be maintained on this tab. This is done by selecting the colour of the day type the user wishes to change to and by double clicking on the days that the user wants to change the selected day to.




When apply is clicked, any changes made to either the Calendar or Exception Calendar will be applied to the Calendar Day Table and the Built Calendar table. Please notes that if Day Types are selected on the Exception Calendar which is the same as the Calendar on which the exception is based the Day Types will not be inserted or updated to the Calender Day table and the Calendar day on the Calendar will prevail.

Any Changes to the Base Calendar will result in changes to all the exception Calendars that uses the selected Calendar as a Base Calendar when the calendar is rebuilt.

hmtoggle_plus1Calendar View

This frame gives a graphical representation of the selected calendar in the colours that is associated with the day types associated with the particular day. The three options in which the calendar can be viewed is Calendar, Exception or Both. Only in the view Calendar or Exception maintenance can be performed to the calendar on this tab. The day types can be updated be selecting the desired day type in the frame Day Types and then double clicking on the days that the user wants to change. New days can also be added to an exception in this way.

hmtoggle_plus1Day Types

The Day Type frames will populate with the Day types to which shifts has been assigned with the Day Name and the colour associated with the particular day type.  If the user selects a day type here, and double clicks on a day in the calendar vie or Exception view, the selcted day type will be used in an update or insert into the calendar day table when apply is clicked.


This button will show the calendar with all latest updates included.