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Linked Tables

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On this tab the following fields can be viewed:


hmtoggle_plus1Apply 2


When adding to linked tables, the user must have a security profile is linked to the function Change Proposal with an access allowed of Change.


If a new record is entered and the "Apply" button is clicked a new record will be inserted in the ECP detail table.


A quantity can be specified for a linked table record with an Activity of "Add".  For an inserted record, only the quantity may be changed. If the quantity is changed and the "Apply" button is clicked the record will be updated in the ECP Detail table.





1.        The change proposal table must be equal to Product Structure "S", Part Operation "O", or Part Revision "R".


2.        The Activity/Type of ECP change must be equal to Delete "D", Change "C", or Add "A".


3.        For a Change Proposal "Add" Activity the number of records to be added must be greater than zero.


4.        The status in the ECP Master table must be Evaluate "E" or Approved "A".


5.        The employee ID on the Employee Master must be equal to the Creator and the status must be Active "A".




When deleting linked tables, the user must have a security profile linked to the function Change Proposal with an access allowed of Delete.


The delete is not possible if the ECP number, change proposal table, or type of ECP change exist on the ECP Key Fields tables. When the "Apply" button is clicked, the linked table selected for deletion is deleted from the ECP Detail table.

hmtoggle_plus1Linked Tables Grid 2

The "Linked Tables" grid displays the table, activity, link quantity, and creator (signed on user).  The record selected in this grid is the one that will be maintained on the Linked Key Fields tab.


Records that can be selected are:

Part Operations

Part Revision

Product Structure

Document Revision.



The delete checkbox is used if there is a request to delete a linked table entry in the grid.   If the lines to be deleted are selected and the "Apply" button is clicked, the records are deleted from the ECP Detail table.



When the "Table" column is clicked a drop down combo is displayed.  It populates the tables that can be change proposal protected. It is populated with the table name from the Column Values table.


The number of characters to be entered before the list is shown is governed by the value of "populate length".



Activity controls the actions required on tables that are change proposal protected.  You can perform multiple actions on one table using the same change proposal.


To link a table to a specific activity (Add, Change, Delete) select the table from the drop down combo displayed when clicking on the "Table" column and click the "Apply" button to update the changes. When selecting the add activity the user has to specify the number of records that will be linked to the table.



When the activity "Add" is selected, a link quantity must be specified.



Displays the name of the signed on user.