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On this tab the following fields can be viewed:



The user must have a security profile linked to the function Characteristic Structure Maintenance with an access allowed of Add and at least inquiry rights on the Characteristics function.


The  button is enabled when an available characteristic is selected in the drop down combo.  When the  button is clicked, the available characteristic selected is added to the structure.


The user must then click the "Display" button to update the structure and display the new structure.


The user must have a security profile linked to the function Characteristi Structure Maintenance with an access allowed of Delete and at least inquiry rights on the function Characteristics.


The user must select a characteristic to be deleted from the structure, click the  button and click the "Display" button in order to update and display the structure.

hmtoggle_plus1Sql Text

When a field type of "SQL Text" is selected, the SQL extraction text must be created via this tab.


The table name from which the data must be populated must be selected, as well as at least 1 column.

Make sure that the 1st column extracts the data field for which the selected value must be saved when characteristic linking is performed.


More columns can be selected to aid users in the selection of the correct value.


Example: You added a new characteristic "Performed By" and you want this characteristic to show a list of active employees from which a selection can be made.

1.  Specify the table as "Employee_Master

2.  Select column 1 as Employee_ID (if this is the value to be saved and displayed once the characteristic has been linked)

3.  Select column 2 as Surname

4.  Select column 3 as First Name etc.

5.  Now complete the "where" clause. If no "where" clause is specified, all records from the table will be displayed for selection

6.  To only list active employees, create the clause e.g. Where status = 'A'. This will result in a list of active employees only.

7.  Test the results via the tab "SQL text test results". This tab will display the records that will appear for selection at time of characteristic linking.

8.  If the results are OK, return to the "Maintenance" tab and specify the tables to which the characteristic can be linked.