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Company Calendar

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The Company Calendar is used to define official workdays, group workdays into financial periods, per financial year (fiscal year).


The Calendar is used by every function where it is selected.  Although certain functions will allow the selection of a non-working day, most functions will force the selection of a valid working day to ensure that all activities or orders are scheduled for execution or for completion on valid working days.  The user must therefore exercise care when changing a working day to a non-working day since, for example, multiple orders might have been scheduled for delivery or shipping on that particular day.


MRP also applies the Company Calendar when scheduling orders. Lead and offset lead times are applied to calculate order start/action dates.  The defining of financial periods and financial years has a direct impact on all accounting aspects such as the posting of journals, account budgets and actuals, year end rolls and financial reporting.


This function has multiple checks and balances to prevent overlapping of financial periods and financial years, and will trap accidental errors should they occur.

Multiple changes can be made and then simultaneously applied.



The user must have a security profile linked to the function Company Calendar with an access allowed of Inquire.