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Company Reports

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Once a report has been set up in Company Report Configuration, the report can be viewed and/or printed with the Company Report Function.


Note: Once in Preview mode, and if the report is a Crystal Report, then you can export the data into a different format such as Excel/Word or PDF. To Export click the 'envelope' icon on the top bar of the preview frame of the displayed crystal. To print click the 'printer' icon.


For Excel reports there is essentially no preview or print mode - it simply opens the report in Excel and the user can decide what to do next.


On this tab you will find the following fields:



In this frame all the parameters which are sent through to the actual Report will be displayed with the Label (Display Name) on the left and the appropriate control on the right (Parameter Type).


If a parameter is a limited parameter, it will be disabled until the user selects a value from the preceding parameter.


A parameter which is defined as mandatory will force you to select or insert a value in the appropriate control.


To preview the report prior to printing, click this button.


You must have a security profile linked to the function Company Reports and to the selected report as set on Company Report Configuration.


Select the number of copies and click this button to print to the preset printer.

hmtoggle_plus1Report Description

The description is a narrative description of the report (mandatory) as setup on the company reports configuration function.

hmtoggle_plus1Report Category

Select the Report Category to limit the number of reports that will populate in the Report Name field.  This field is mandatory.

hmtoggle_plus1Report Name

Select the name of a report under the selected category.


If a report is not visible, then either the report was not added to the category or the signed on person does not have security access to the report (See Company Report Configuration).


Once the user has selected an existing report name and clicks this button, the Company Reports Configuration function will open for the selected report so that the user can see all the setup details of the report and make configuration changes if required. It's a quick link to the Company Reports Configuration function.