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Extended Properties

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On this tab the following field can be viewed:


hmtoggle_plus1Extended Properties Tab

This tab facilitates additional properties of Reports and/or Parameters. The first available properties are:



This property enables the customization of COMBO Parameters (as defined on the Report Parameters Tab).

To define new column sizes for a combo parameter:

  a. Select the extended properties tab.

  b. Select "Parameter Setting".

  c. Select the Parameter in the Parameter ID Combo.

  d. Select the property "COMBO BOX COLUMN SIZES".

  e. Type in the column sizes in comma delimited format, (for example : 3000,2000 ) in the Property_Value_1 text box. **

  f. Click Add.


To Change or Delete, go through the same process as above.

The existing values will populate in the Property Value text boxes. Click Change or Delete.


NOTE: If this property is not defined or used for a specific combo, then the default column sizes will be used (3000 TWIPS**) .

This also applies if the amount of column sizes are less than the displayed columns (all columns without defined sizes will revert to default size).


** The unit of measurement used is in TWIPS (A millimeter is approx 56 TWIPS). To give an indication, the DEFAULT combo box column sizes (used in Company Reports) are 3000 TWIPS (53 mm).



This property is for future use or configuration use, and provides ability to add extended details regarding the type of report. For example CRYSTAL 11 or CRYSTAL 8. This property is not used in any calculation, it is only for display purposes (at the moment).


All Future extended report and parameter properties will be handled via the "Extended Properties" tab.