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This is the core of the Consumption functionality. This function captures and displays the consumption records for all the various categories.

It may be used as an analysis function by selecting the various parameters (above the grid) to display the data required. For example, by entering 'VER' in the 'Current Status' field and 'MAN' in the 'Change status to' field, the user can eliminate all data and only view those records that now require immediate management approval.


See Capture Consumption Data Tab :

See Capture Errors Tab :


Note that access to this function is determined by Profiles as well as the function Consumption Status Authorization.


Consumption Standard Reports


The tool used for report creation is Reporting Services. All reports may be accessed via the intranet. via the intranet.

The reports use the Location Master History table which records the FTE, percent occupancy and sqm at the time if required to do calculations using the abovementioned fields. If more than 1 record for one of these fields exists per financial period, the last record (max effective date) is used.


The following reports are part of the standard functionality:


   Analysis of consumption – Displays the base, current actual consumption, targets and variance analysis  - electricity consumption and demand per KWH (and sqm ) It displays the 2 measurement types namely invoice and guesstimate and then calculates a per sqm value per month with totals – 1 page for 1 building  - location; plus graph of consumption against the 3 targets

Electricity / Water Consumption Analysis Month Year (2010) –

 All locations in the columns, rows contain : 2009 YTD KWh, 2010 YTD KWh, Environmental target YTD, 2009/2010 % YOY, % Environmental YOY, 2010 KWh / sqm YTD, SANS 204 Benchmark KWh / sqm, Variance, 2010 KWh / FTE YTD, 2015 KWh / FTE YTD TARGET; plus pie chart of savings on consumption

Water Consumption Analysis Month Year (2010) –

 All locations in the columns, rows contain : 2009 YTD KL, 2010 YTD KL Environmental target YTD, 2009/2010 % YOY, 4 % Environmental YOY, 2010 KL / sqm YTD, 2010 KL / FTE YTD, 2010 KL / FTE YTD TARGET; plus pie chart of savings on consumption

Environmental Dashboard Month Year (2010) –

 Cluster name, building name, building type (owned/leased) – sums of electricity KWh, water KL, paper recycled Tonnes, recyclables Tonnes, landfill  repeated 6 times –categories : elec consumption MWh, water consumption KL, paper consumption boxes, domestic air travel (number of flight bookings),landfill waste tonnes, recycled waste tonnes

Environmental Disclosure --Jan to Dec 2010, totalled per quarter for 1 building : Water reduction, direct energy use, generators, water use, carbon footprint

Environmental Dashboard for e.g. Campus Premises as at a date for a month – split into volume, area and FTE (highlighting group target annual, month, 2009 consump, 2010, consump, 2010 vs target and 2009 vs 2010 for waster disposal, recyclables, power and water  NB see report

     Core Leased Summary -        First column lists all the buildings, next                                        the m2,  Category, next column split                                        into 3 : actual, 3 month rolling                                                average and uom/m2 pa, the total,                                        then Jan to Dec; split into summer vs                                        winter totals on the side and 12 month                                        ave for the 2 previous years; totals                                        below for all the buildings :  total                                                energy consumption, total demand,                                        KWH/m2 pa; KVA / m2  pa, then row                                        below incl PKLF        

Elec, Water and Refuse for a building - Displays a legend for elec energy charge (municipal tariff) – peak, std, off peak, water and elec demand – for winter and summer. Display the local authority costs ( R ) for elec (energy charge peak, std, off peak, network demand charge, voltage surcharge and service charge, water and refuse per month with totals at end pa, total cost /head count and total/m2

Then display the meter readings – same as above

Then display columns : month, utility supplied(elec peak, std off peak), munipcal tariff, actual tariff, tariff variance, cost variance for water and elec



Reminder reports


 Consumption comparison reports