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Consumption Measurement Type

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This function allows the user to create the required measurement types. 4 standard types exist namely : Supplier actual, Supplier average, Meter reading and Guesstimate. They identify the ‘source’ of the measurement / type of measurement made. It also allows the types to be put in a sequence of importance – 1 the best – getting worse. The type rated as 1 is the one that will be used in all the consumption reports when reporting on the consumption of each of the categories per location (building). The rating effective date refers to the date that the rating changed – i.e. if it changed from a rating of 3 to 1.

A field called Agreement refers to whether a measurement type is ‘Billed’ or ‘Pre-paid’. Supplier actual and meter readings may be for billed or prepaid agreements. Supplier average and guesstimates make sense for billed agreements only as one would not need to take an average or make a guesstimate for pre-paid vouchers.

All fields are mandatory.

The relevant table is Consumption_Measurement_Type.