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Consumption Reminder

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This function allows the user to set up reminders for various events. It is important that the payment of an account or the receipt of an account is not forgotten. A reminder will be sent via email to the selected users if the fields on Employee Information function called Email Address and Send Email in addition to System Mail have been filled in.


See Consumption Reminders tab :


See Consumption Reminder Employee tab :


The relevant table is Consumption_Reminder.


Consumption reminder email setup :


A database mail profile needs to be created on the sql server.


Once sql server management studio is open and object explorer on the side is open and connected to the server someone must go to the management folder on the left, then database mail and right click “Configure Database Mail”.


On the first prompt/screen the user should select next.

On the second screen the user must select “Set up Database Mail by performing the following tasks:” and click Next.

On the next screen the user must fill in a Profile Name called : “Consumption_Reminders”

After that is done they need to add an SMTP account by clicking on “Add..”

On the small prompt they should create a new account by clicking “New Account…”


On the next screen they must fill in the account details. Most importantly the email address, display name, server name and port number need to be correct.

I advise that a local email account be create for consumption reminders specifically and that these details be filled in the SMTP section.

The Display Name should read “Qmuzik Consumption Reminders”


The authenticating username and password should also be filled in (select basic authentication and fill in the username, password etc.)

After these settings have been filled in they can click ok

On the “New Profile” screen click “Next”

On the “Manage Profile Security” Screen click the checkbox to make the profile public and click next.


Click next until you can finish. This will set up the email. If you right click on the “Database Mail” in The Object Explorer Pane you should be able to send an email, please verify this before assuming that the email configuration is in place.


A job must then be scheduled to run the stored procedure ‘Send_Scheduled_Consumption_Reminders’ every evening before midnight to interpret the reminders that have been set up and to send the mail to the employee’s Qmuzik mail and Microsoft mail (if this has been enabled in the function Employee Information by clicking on the check box ‘Send email in addition to system mail’ and entering the appropriate email address in the box provided.)