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Consumption Status

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This function allows the user to create the statuses through which the data is required to pass. Each status is actually an approval level and is linked to specific person(s). Their approval is recorded. CAP – Captured is the first status of all consumption data. The user may increase or decrease the number of statuses and the sequence must be carefully set up as the system will insist on the order being followed. The system does not, however, insist on the data passing through each status. This must be controlled through business rules/best practice. A status may also be made inactive if it is no longer required.

None of the standard statuses may be deleted. All, with the exception of CAP and MAN may be made inactive. It is also not recommended that users change the sequence of the standard statuses, unless the intention is to add extra statuses. Rather set the statuses that are not required to inactive.

All fields, with the exception of the Comments field, are mandatory.

The relevant table is Consumption_Status.