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Crating To Customer

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The Crating to Customer movement is performed to ship goods related to sales orders. This specific movement is applied to ship goods that are shipped as part of the contents of a crate or container.


The Crating to Customer movement ships sales order lines of which the items or products have been pre-packed into one or more crates using the Production to Crating function.  Crates are then linked through this function to a container and the container, with its crates and crate contents, can then be shipped using a single movement transaction.


If a crate is not physically packed into a container, a container with the same number as the crate can be created and the crate can be linked to that container number for shipment.


A container is created with a status of "Preparation".  Once all the desired crates have been linked, the status must be set to "Packing Completed", after which the linking of additional crates will be prohibited and the container is ready to be shipped. The container details, such as the freight details, destination and estimated departure and arrival dates, can then be completed.


The shipping of crates that span over multiple orders via a single transaction is subject to business rules specified per division and per customer.


Once the container status has been set to "Packing Completed" and the print option has been set, the "Apply" button is clicked to execute the movement.


The function will perform the following:


Ship the individual  sales order lines that make up the crate contents, Update the order line values for quantities in crating and completed, Insert the movements and related Journal Entries,

Create a customer invoice with shipping links in accordance with the customer's customer invoice option, Print approve and print the invoice (if the "Print invoice" option was executed) and trigger the related Customer Journal Entries and It will also set the status of the container to "Shipped".


During a shipment movement, the credit limit of the customer is checked against the Credit Limit field on the External Organization function.  If this field has a value of zero, no credit checking applies.



The user must have a security profile linked to the function Production to Customer with an access allowed of Inquire.


On this tab the following fields can be viewed:


hmtoggle_plus1Container Number

This field is applied to specify the number of the new container to be added or to select the number of an existing container (mandatory).


The list displays the container number, serial number and status from the Container table. Once an existing container number is selected the screen displays all the data for the selected container.


If the user types a unique number, the "Add" button is enabled if the user has a profile linked to the screen Crating To Customer.