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Creditors Credit

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This function is applied to request and insert credit links for one or more unsettled invoices for a selected Supplier.


You need to specify the Supplier, and click Display to display all unsettled creditor invoice lines with the appropriate unsettled amounts for the Supplier. You can specify the account to be credited by the resulting transaction journals. You can specify any comments optional) to be inserted for the resulting credit links.


The Invoices grid displays the unsettled invoices for the selected Supplier. Select the invoices in the list box to which the credit must be applied.


The credit amount can be allocated to selected unsettled invoice lines by either entering an amount requested or entering a percentage requested or by editing the credit amounts directly in the grid. For invoices in foreign currencies the foreign amount will also be available in the grid.


The credit amount or percentage is calculated by clicking on the "Calculate" button.  The calculated amounts may be edited in the grid but, when the "Calculate" button is clicked, all manually changed values will revert back to the calculated values.  The "Apply" button must be clicked to process the transaction.


Unapplied Goods Returned Credits

The primary function of this tab is to inquire on all Unapplied Goods Return Credit links, meaning goods return movements (Store to Supplier/inspection) but where the link has not yet been applied on the creditors Invoice. It will allow the user to directly approve and insert the link from this screen. This function can also apply the credit link to another invoice or credit note other than the originating invoice.


Allocate To Credit Note

This tab serves the function of allocating pre-selected credit links to another invoice or credit note other than the originating invoice. By selecting settlement credits or goods return credits from the Credits Per Settlement tab and the Unapplied Goods Returned Credits tab, the user can select on this tab to which other invoice/credit note the credit link(s) need to be allocated to. The credit links will be inserted directly from this tab and for each link a cross-reference to the originating invoice will also be kept on the data record.


On this tab the following fields can be viewed:


hmtoggle_plus1Active Suppliers Only

If checked only suppliers that are currently active or active if qualified will be displayed for selection in the supplier field.


This field displays the default currency for the selected external organization (Supplier).

If you select another currency followed by clicking on display, only invoices for the selected supplier in the selected currency will display in the grid.


It is populated with the organisation name, code and trading status creditors from the External Organisation table where a valid creditor account exists.


The number of characters to be entered before the list is shown is governed by the value of "populate length" (mandatory).


It is the name of the supplier responsible for supplying the goods or services as ordered by means of a Purchase order.


Such a supplier has to be registered as an External Organisation doing business within your company.  If it isn't a registered organisation, it will not appear in the list.


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