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Customer To Production

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The Customer to Production movement is performed to return goods or services previously shipped against customer orders.


This movement is applied to return goods whether shipped as individual lines, contents of a pallet, crate or container. The only shipping movement that cannot be returned via this function is Counter Sales (Stores to Customer, that has it's own dedicated return movement).


The movement provides various modes and allows for actual returns (where the goods are returned by the Customer per return advice) as well as shipping corrections, where the wrong order, line or quantity was shipped. (In shipping correction mode the user is also likely to execute the options to return all components to store and to undo and labour actuals that were back flushed).


Once a customer order or delivery note has been selected, the returnable lines will be displayed according to the line display options.


The user selects the lines to be returned, enters a reason for the return and a return advice if required. The user then proceeds to the next tab to finalize the selection of the lines and to specify the quantities to be returned. The quantities can be expressed in either the base unit of measure of the order line part or in the contractual unit of measure should a UOM conversion apply to the order line.


The user will be permitted to then return to the Lines Available To Be Returned tab to select additional orders, lines or delivery notes to be returned. The return of multiple orders via a single transaction is however subject to business rules specified per division and per customer.


Once the selection has been completed, the return transactions are executed by the clicking of the "Apply" button.



The user must have a security profile linked to the function Customer to Production with an access allowed of Inquire.