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Lines Available To Be Returned

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On this tab the following fields can be viewed:


hmtoggle_plus1Available Lines for Customer Returns

This list box displays the delivery note/customer order lines that are available for return in accordance with the line display option selected and customer name, customer order and/or delivery note or pallet ID if specified. The lines are also limited by the date specified for Shipped Since.


Should certain lines not appear in the list as expected, it might be required to select an earlier date for Shipped Since as the lines may not have yet been shipped or have already been fully returned.


The following information is displayed for all lines in the list:



The delivery note created when the line was shipped.





The exact date and time stamp of the shipping transaction.



The total quantity shipped via the displayed delivery note.



The customer order number.



The customer order line number.



The specified planned ship date of the customer order line, not to be confused with the actual ship date as shown in the "Shipped Date" column.



The pallet ID if the line was shipped as part of a pallet's contents.



The current back order quantity on the order line that has yet to be shipped.



The cumulative quantity already shipped to date for the order line less the cumulative qty already returned, irrespective of the delivery note number.



The order line part that was shipped.  It will be spaces for lines that do not contain a part number, such as non-stock and customer special, sales order lines.



The order line type being either product sales, spares sales, repairs, non-stock or customer specials.



The order line unit price as expressed in the base unit of measure and in the base currency.



The description of the order line.



The line number as stated in the customer's contract, which may differ from the order line number.



The invoice number that resulted from the shipping transaction, which may be same as the delivery note number or differ, depending on the customer's specified debtor invoice option.



The line number on the invoice number that resulted from the shipping transaction.


The lines for which, the full or partial quantity is to be returned, must be manually selected by the user if the option "Show All Lines, User Select" has been chosen.

Only selected lines will be carried over to the Lines Selected To Be Returned tab.


If the option "Show All Lines, Auto Select" was chosen, all lines will be carried over to the Lines Selected To Be Returned tab. The user can however deselect certain lines on that tab and modify the quantity to be returned. This mode is most popular when the customer returns all or most of the goods originally shipped via the delivery note.


Take note that it is permitted to add lines to the Lines Selected To Be Returned tab and then return to the Lines Available To Be Returnedtab to select another order or delivery note of which certain lines are also to be returned.


Since the return transaction can result in the creation of a new credit note, it will only permit lines of another order to be added to the Lines Selected To Be Returned tab if the customer's settings on External Organisation allow multiple orders per document.


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hmtoggle_plus1Contract Number

It is a read only field that displays the contract number of the selected customer order from the Order Master table (i.e. it is the number of the contract between your company and the client).  


The contract number and the order number need not be the same.


It is populated with organisation names and codes from the External Organisation table where the organisation has a valid debtors account code.


The debtor is not required to have an active trading status for returns to be performed. It is not required that the customer be selected prior to selecting an order, but if selected, it will limit the order numbers to

those orders of the selected customer only.


Once an order number has been selected, the customer name (if not yet specified), will be defaulted from the order and the field will be disabled for typing or selection.


To select another customer, space out the selected customer order number in which case the field will be enabled again.


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hmtoggle_plus1Customer Order

It displays all customer orders for the selected Customer that have one or more lines with a status of "Released" or "Closed".


It is populated with the order number, notes, organisation code, contract and payment currency from the Order Master table where:


The order is a Customer Order on the Order Master i.e. order type = CUST, Such order has one or more lines where the status is Released "R" or Closed "C", and The order line quantity complete (shipped) is greater than zero.

hmtoggle_plus1Delivery Note

This is the delivery note against which the customer return is to be performed i.e. the delivery note that was created when the order line(s) were shipped via the movement Production to Customer or Crating to Customer.


If in doubt about the delivery note number, it can also be obtained via a movement history inquiry on the customer order line which will display the delivery note number on the Movement Detail 2 tab or via an inquiry on the shipping link of the Debtors invoice.


It is not mandatory to specify the delivery note, but either the customer order or delivery note must be specified. Delivery notes are populated from the Debtor Invoice and Debtor Line Link tables where:


The delivery note exists on an invoice, of which the organisation code matches that of the selected customer, and the customer does not perform independent accounting (as specified on it's ExternalOrganisation record) also with invoices belonging to it's parent organisation where the "Ship to Organisation" is the selected Customer, and the delivery note number appears on a shipping link "S",


The link has a capture date less than or equal to the date specified for Shipped Since.


All customer order lines shipped via the selected delivery note number will be displayed in the Available Lines list box to be selected for the relevant customer returns.

hmtoggle_plus1Division Code

It is populated with division codes and descriptions from the Division table


The selected division is the sales division of the customer order(s) to be returned and governs, in combination with the selected customer, which customer orders will be displayed for selection.

hmtoggle_plus1Line Display Options


When this option is selected, all available lines for customer returns are automatically selected and carried over to the Lines Selected To Be Returned tab. The option is likely to be applied when a complete shipment for a specific delivery note is returned.



When this mode is selected, the lines to which the customer returns apply are to be manually selected to be carried over to the Lines Selected To Be Returned tab.


This is the most popular option since customer returns mostly apply to a limited number of lines on the original delivery note shipment.



This option is selected when a customer return relates to goods shipped on a pallet. A pallet ID must therefore be selected. The list is populated with pallet ID's and pallet types from the Pallet Instance table where the ship to organisation is  has a valid customer's organisation code (confirming that the pallet has indeed been shipped).


This mode allows the return of a pallet with it's content.

hmtoggle_plus1Return Advice

This is the return advice number for goods returned to you by your customer.  It is optional for an invoice in Created status.

It is mandatory for an invoice in Print Approved, Not Print Approved or Printed status.


If a return advice has been specified, credit links will be created on either the original invoice or on a credit note, depending on the customer's credit link and credit note options.


If no return advice has been specified, the quantity and amounts of the original shipping link on the invoice will be down adjusted in accordance with the quantity returned.


This option is popular to perform shipping corrections where the wrong line was shipped or the quantity was incorrectly entered).  

hmtoggle_plus1Reason Code

This field is used to indicate the reason for the customer return. The selection of a valid reason code is mandatory and will be logged as part of the movement history in the Movement table.


It is populated with all customer return reason codes and reason code descriptions from the Movement Reason Codes table.


The number of characters to be entered before the list is shown is governed by the value of "populate length" (optional).

hmtoggle_plus1Shipped Since

This field governs which delivery note lines (and therefore customer order lines) that will be displayed in the Available Lines list box.


It is a mandatory field that defaults to 20 working days into the past.


Only delivery note lines with a capture date (being the date shipped) later than the specified "Shipped Since" date will be displayed.