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Cycle Count Report

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This function is used to report feedback of actual quantities counted for specific stock lines on a Cycle Count Run.  The list of stock to count is produced when the status of a Cycle Count Run on the Cycle Count Set function is changed to Submitted "S".


The user can select to enter feedback on only a subset of the total list by selecting criteria in the "Include in List" fields, and can therefore report per store, part, division or only external stock or any other selection.


The user must select an existing Set Code, then the Run ID, then use the Settings tab to choose which lines will be displayed for feedback on the Feedback tab. These settings are also used to determine which lines are selected for the Cycle Count Sheet and Report.


Cycle Count Sheets can be printed for the entire Run or part thereof. These Sheets are given to the store counters to record actual physical stock counted on the Sheet - confirmed with their signatures and approved by the Store Manager or Coordinator.


A Cycle Count Report can also be produced to list the counted quantities and specifically to manage a list of all deviations. I.e. The manager can print a Report of all lines that have not been counted yet - and therefore ensure that all feedback is eventually captured. Or the Manager can print a Report of all lines that have a deviation - and then use the Stock Adjustment functions to correct these lines.


Feedback and Sheet/Report printing can only occur when the status of the Cycle Count Run is set to Opened for Feedback "O".


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On this tab the following fields can be viewed:

hmtoggle_plus1Set Code

It is populated with existing set codes and descriptions from the Cycle Count Set table.


A Set Code must be selected first before a Run ID can be selected.


hmtoggle_plus1Run ID

It is populated with the run ID, description, status, and number of lines to be counted.


Cycle Count Runs are created with the Cycle Count Set function and can only be selected here if the status of the run is Submitted "S" or later.


Once a Run ID is selected and the status is set to Opened for Feedback "O" then users can begin to capture feedback (actual quantities counted) on the second tab.



When the "Sheet" button is clicked, a Cycle Count Sheet is generated based on the Settings of this first tab.  This Sheet can be used by the counters to do the physical stock count.  It lists the division, store, location, part, part description, serial number, expiry date, as well as a quantity field where the counters must fill in the quantity found.


Each Sheet can be signed by the counter and approval person to prove that it was used and captured on the system.


This button is only enabled when the run status is 'Opened for Feedback'.


When the "Report" button is clicked, a Cycle Count Exception Report is generated based on the Settings of this first tab. The Report can be used to list various aspects of the cycle count process.


For example:

It can be used to list inconsistencies between the physical stock count and theoretical stock on hand.

It can be used to list all lines in the Run that have not yet been counted.

It can be used to approve the Run so that the status can be changed to 'Resolved'.