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Cycle Count Run

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On this tab the following fields can be viewed:


hmtoggle_plus0Cycle Count Run Tab

This grid displays all the Cycle Count Runs that exist for the selected Cycle Count Set.

Each Run will show the Run ID and description, the Status of the run, and when the status was changed, the completion date, who is responsible for submitting the run (i.e. when the status was changed to 'Submitted') , the date it was submitted, and the number of lines that need to be counted for the entire run.


Any Run can be Selected by ticking the Select box, and the description and status can be changed.


A Run can only be deleted if the status is 'Created' or 'Submitted'.  To delete a Run, simply tick the Delete box and click the Apply button.


A new Cycle Count Run can be manually created by selecting the last line that has a description of 'NEW RUN' and clicking the Apply button. The Run ID will be generated automatically and the status will be 'Created'. Changing the status to 'Submitted' will kick off the selection process and create a cycle count list based on the Cycle Count Set parameters and previous runs. The Cycle Count Report function can then be used to analyze which parts and locations were selected for the count.


This data is this grid can be exported to other formats like MS Excel by clicking anywhere within the grid and pressing F1 - and selecting 'Export'.


This field contains the Cycle Count Run status.


The first status for a new Run is Created "C".


The status can be changed from Created "C" to Submitted "S" to kick off the selection process and submit the Cycle Count Run.


If the status is Submitted "S", the status can only be changed to Opened for Feedback "O"


If the status is Opened for Feedback "O", it can only be changed to Closed for Feedback "D".  When the status is changed to "O" a mail is sent to to all Store Managers involved in the Run(bases on which Part Locations were selected) to inform them that the Run is open for feedback, then users can begin to capture the actual quantities on hand using the Cycle Count Report function.

Once it is Closed For Feedback "D", the users can no longer report actual counts.


If the status is Closed for Feedback "D", it can be changed back to Opened for Feedback "O",  or Resolved "R", or Closed Unresolved "U".


If the status is Resolved "R", it can only be changed to Closed Unresolved "U".


If the status is Closed Unresolved "U", it can only be changed to Resolved "R".


The status should only be set to Resolved "R" if all the counted lines have a status of "No Deviation".  If, however, you cannot permanently resolve the discrepancies and deviations then the status can be set to Closed Unresolved "U". It is important to note that this is not best practice. All deviations should be addressed and fixed with the Stock Adjustment functions and the Run should eventually be set to Resolved "R".