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Cycle Count Set

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This function allows users to continually validate the accuracy of their inventory by regularly counting a small subset of inventory on a, weekly, monthly or annual basis.


The Cycle Count Set determines which inventory records will be selected and checked during a Cycle Count Run.  A cycle count run will use the parameters from a Cycle Count Set

to produce the list of inventory records to be counted. There can be multiple


Cycle Count Runs per Cycle Count Set.


A Cycle Count Set's parameters may be changed (edited) even if Cycle Count Runs were performed against it.  A Set cannot be deleted once a Cycle Count Run took place against it. The parameters of a Cycle Count Set can only be changed by the Coordinator, or Approval By person, or anyone acting for either, or anyone with 'Cycle Count Administrator' profile.


Part of the parameters on a Cycle Count Set allow the user to set tolerances on discrepancies reported during cycle counting.  When a specific part in a location is counted the status of each line is automatically updated to reflect either 'Not Counted', 'Deviation inside tolerance', 'Deviation outside tolerance', or 'No Deviation'.  This is needed to highlight differences on reporting and to do stock adjustments.


The final status on every Cycle Count Run has to be either 'Resolved' or 'Closed Unresolved'. A Cycle Count Run can only be deleted when the status is 'Created' or 'Submitted'.


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