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On this tab the following fields can be viewed:

hmtoggle_plus1Result Grid

According to the selection criteria selected on the first tab the grid will display the status of the magazines per the selected criteria. The row in the magazine with the highest severity ranking will be displayed on bold characters.

The grid will display the Division Code, Store Code, The stock Hazard Division Code, The Contents Unit of measure,The Hazard Content of Stock On Hand in the magazine, The Licence Id, The Licence Hazard division Code, The Licence Max Qty Allowed, The severity Ranking,The Quantity which can still be received into the magazine.

Rows displayed in black indicates that stock can still be received into the store belonging to the same or a lower hazard classification.

Rows displayed in blue indicates that the part can received into the magazine, but that the part is not yet linked to the magazine via the function Part Stock Location.

Rows indicated in red indicates that the part cannot be received into the magazine at all because of either a hazard division classification not covered by the licence, or that the part is not in the same compatibility class or the store has reached the licence capacity.