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Invoice Selection

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hmtoggle_plus1Advanced Criteria

The payment currency which are used to select the invoices and/or bank transactions used. It default with the default currency from the external organisation table for the customer selected.


This option is by default selected, and ensures that credit notes for the selected organisation and payment currency will also display in the grid on the invoice results tab.


hmtoggle_plus1Bank Transaction Detail

This is the account description from the account codes table for the account used in the bank transaction.


It populates with the bank code, description and branch from the bank internal table as setup in the function bank internal.


It populates with the bank transaction date time, base amount and foreign amount of the bank transaction  as well as the bank statement and items numbers from the bank transaction table for the selected customer, bank code and transaction date from. The base and foreign available amounts is also shown based on the table debtor settlement.


The bank transaction function is used to create the bank transactions.


These are the comments that were entered on the bank transaction.


One of the Direction options, either "Into Bank" or "Out of Bank" must be selected and these options govern the population of the "Transaction Date" combo box.


This is the customer which are linked to the bank transaction.-


This field defaults to today's date. Only bank transactions that occurred after, or on the specified date will be displayed.



hmtoggle_plus1Credit Note / Link




hmtoggle_plus1Customer Selection Frame

The customer combo is populated from the external organisation table with all organization for which a valid debtors account exists (Account and account_code status is active). By defualt the active customer check box are check and therefore only organsiation which debtor trading status is active will populate


This tick box let the user decide to include or exclude inactive customers from the drop down combo list.


When selected only active customers will populate and visa versa.


hmtoggle_plus1Document Criteria

If a division is selected, only debtor line links, where the Account specified on the debtor line link belongs to the specified Division, are displayed.  If the Account on the debtor line link is a Cost Centre Account, the cost centre's division is used.


It is populated with the division code and description from the division table.


This field is used to specify a range of settled or unsettled invoices to be displayed.  Enter the invoice number that starts the range.


Note that "%" can be used as a wild card (AP4% will display invoices starting with "AP4").


This field is used to specify a range of settled or unsettled invoices to be displayed.  Enter the invoice number that ends the range and click the "Inquire" button.


Note that "%" can be used as a wild card (AQ7% will display invoices including those starting with "AQ7").



Selecting this option means that only invoices which have been settled will be displayed when inquiry is done. The display will be on the Settlement Inquiry tab.


You can specify the date on which the statement was printed in this field.


If the statement date is specified and the "Unsettled" button is clicked, the invoice selection displayed is limited to debtor line links, where the link's capture date and invoice print date are smaller than or equal to the statement print date provided.


If the statement date is not specified and is equal to the current date, then all unsettled links are displayed except invoices printed on the current date.



If invoices have been printed on the 28th day of the month and wish to be included in the invoice selection, then the statement date should be set to the 29th day of the month, because the time on the statement date is equal to 12:00 AM.


Selecting this options, implies that unsettled invoices will be displayed in the grid on the Invoice Results tab when inquiring is done.





hmtoggle_plus1Settlement Options



hmtoggle_plus1Show Level

The show level governs the way in which discount will be allocated and invoices settled.


Option Invoice implies that the whole invoice will be settled and discount can be given on the total invoice. Option invoice line means that the invoice lines will be displayed and individual lines settled or discount given to individual lines.