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Invoice Lines

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The Invoice Lines tab requires the entry of the line number, invoiced quantity, unit price (or extended price) and tax amount.  Comments can also be entered.  Note that the entry of an invoice quantity greater than zero will only allow the linking of 'Purchase Order Receipts" on the "Invoice Links" tab.  If the rendered invoice relates to advance payments, additional cost or services, the quantity invoiced must be entered as zero.


Since the Customer Order function allows for both currency and unit of measure conversions, the Debtors function can accommodate such scenarios and no conversion is required when quantities or foreign currency amounts are entered for the invoice line.


On this tab the following fields can be viewed:



This button will add a new line or save changes made to a line.



The user must have a security profile s linked to the function Debtors with an access allowed of Delete.


If invoice line links exist, you cannot delete the line.  If no links exists, the line is deleted from the Debtor Line table.


hmtoggle_plus1Invoice Lines

It is populated with the current line number, number of links, unit price (total price / quantity invoiced), quantity invoiced, total amount, tax amount, total incl. tax (total amount + tax amount), creation date, and comments from the Debtor Line table, for the existing lines of the invoice number selected on the "Invoice Header" tab.


If an entry is selected in the list box, it populates all the fields with the information from the Debtor Line table where the invoice number is equal to the invoice number selected on the "Invoice Header" tab.


If the setting Override Tax on Division equals "Yes" and the Tax Policy on System Configuration equals "GST" then only can the Tax Amount be changed manually.


hmtoggle_plus1Tax Amount

It is calculated from the unit price and tax percentage.


hmtoggle_plus1Total (Excl Tax)

It is a read only field that displays the Unit Price * Invoice quantity excluding the tax amount.


hmtoggle_plus1Total (Incl Tax)

It is a read only field that displays the total price including tax calculated as the (total amount + tax amount).