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The Settlement tab is used to view settlements made for a selected invoice line link.  The function displays the detail of the bank transfer or cheque payment.


On this tab the following fields can be viewed:


hmtoggle_plus1Bank Transaction List Box

When the user clicks on the "Settlement" tab, this list box is populated with the capture date, type of link, settlement amount, tax amount, (settlement  amount + tax amount), account, division code, bank code, bank transaction date, remarks, bank statement and bank statement item from the Debtor Settlement, Bank Transaction and Debtor Line Link tables, for the invoice number, line number, capture date, and type of link selected.


hmtoggle_plus1Detail View

The detail view shows the settlement per line, per link and per settlement source.



The summary displays information on the related invoice regarding invoiced amount, amount settled and outstanding amount.


hmtoggle_plus1Summary Per Line

The summary per line displays the settlements for the specific lines without using the capture date.


hmtoggle_plus1Summary Per Link

The summary per links displays the settlements for the specific links using the capture date.


hmtoggle_plus1Summary Per Settlement Source

This summary displays the summary per source.