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Production Del To Ops

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On this tab the following fields can be viewed:


All changes made in the Operations Grid for the selected part will be stored when this button is activated.

hmtoggle_plus1Expand Up To Level

Use the spin control to specify the product structure level, (up to which) you would like to see displayed.  The parent part is level "0".

hmtoggle_plus1Manufacturing Part

This is the part to with the linked deliver to operations belongs.

hmtoggle_plus1Product Structure Display Listbox

Displays the part description and quantity per (value required to build the product) for each part in the structure.


The user can double click on a part to display lower levels of that part.


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hmtoggle_plus1Product Structure

This field is read only and populate with the Part selected on the Parameter tab for which the structure will display in the Product Structure Display Listbox. To view a picture of a part, click on the "Detail For" field and follow this by a click on the   icon.

hmtoggle_plus1Project Detail

This field populates with the project number as well as the Serial Number for the part whose detail is currently displayed and was selected on the Parameter tab.