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Repair Del To Ops

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On this tab the following fields can be viewed:


To click on the arrowhead the function will display the part number selected in the field Manufactured Part and also list all the part operations for the part in the grid.


To Delete "Deliver to Operation" data. The data is displayed in a row underneath the two frames. Select the data and click on the delete button The data will be removed from the table.


This button equals the F1 key and enable the user to export the structure to an Excel spreadsheet.



This is the deliver to operation already linked to the component



This is the part to with the linked deliver to operations belongs



This is the offset lead-time linked to the deliver to operation



This is an indicator that for this part in the structure, part operations exists and the number of part operations that exists. This will aid the user in selecting parts to be used when linking deliver to operations.

hmtoggle_plus1Lead Time Days

This is the Lead Time for the selected part populated from the Part Master table.

hmtoggle_plus1Operations Grid

This grid populates with the operations linked to the row in the product Structure Display listbox.  It is used to maintain the operations and is stored by clicking the Apply button.


To Change "Deliver to Operation" data. The deliver to operation data for the component is displayed in the structure details. Select the part for which you want to change the data. On the right-hand side the linked data will be displayed. The user can now change the relevant data and click on apply the old data will be removed and the new data inserted to the table

hmtoggle_plus1Repair Part

This field will populate with the part selected from the Product Structure Display Listbox after the Add button was used to refresh the Operations Maintenance Grid. This is the part to with the linked deliver to operations belongs.