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Display comparison

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This tab displays the results of the comparison as specified on the "Parameters' tab.


Similarities are displayed in a black colour whilst discrepancies are displayed in a red colour.


The results are displayed in  a list view and displays the following information:


Part number (of the lower level component part)

Description (of the lower level component part)

Discrepancy/Same (a description of the similarity or discrepancy found)

Sum qty 1 to 5 (the qty of the part found on every BOM included in the comparison)

UOM (unit if measure of the component part, in order for the qty to make sense)

Source (source code of the component part)

Preceding part (The preceding part,where applicable, is also shown if the discrepancy is "Parts in second BOM not in ref BOM”).

Part on hold (indicates whether the listed component part is currently on hold)


Quick jumps are also available  via a combo box named ‘Jump to’ and a ‘Go’ button. This allows for a quick jump to "Part master' or 'Supply and demand' for a selected item in the list.

On this tab, if an item in the list is clicked, the SUM for its stock on hand, firm replenishment orders and released replenishment orders are displayed on the screen in the relevant fields.

'Compare' can be clicked to refresh the results.

'Export' can be clicked to export the results to MS Excel or MS Word or other options provided.