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Available Documents

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This frame contains filters to restrict the documents/lower levels that will be populated in the list of available documents.


A document number must always be selected to start with, and the setting "Only MRI's" can be clicked to show only documents that are MRI's.


Once a document number has been selected (which will only be documents with a status of "created"), further settings can be applied to explode lower levels (the structure of the selected document).

When exploding the structure, options are also provided to:

Stop at the 1st lower level

Stop at the 1st lower level MRI


An option is also provided to, in addition to the selected document and any documents in the structure show all associated documents for selection as well.


Once the desired options have been set, click the "Show" button to populate the list of available documents. The system will check if the user has a profile with add-rights for document distribution before populating the list of available documents.

All document sheets and revisions as per criteria are displayed for selection.


The function will allow you to add documents from a selected document and to then select other documents and add from their available documents as well.

Many document numbers with various sheets and revisions can thus be selected as part of the "package" to be distributed.

Note: When selecting a variety of document numbers please ensure that the distribution media for all will be the same. You can not select a combination of different media for a single distribution event.


To completely clear the list of available of documents, click the appropriate "clear" button.