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Confirm Return

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This tab is applied to confirm the return of documents where applicable.


Not all distributed documents are always candidates for return, but there are scenarios where:

Original books, magazines, policies or procedures were distributed and return is expected or,

Hard copies were distributed and when a later revision is issued, the return of earlier revisions is expected to ensure that users or Organisations only possess the latest active revision of a document


Employees that resign or change job assignments are expected to return all documents distributed to them (which may of course relate only to classified documents or all)



In the scenario where document return is required, the return must be acknowledged. This is done by doing an electronic return confirmation by selecting the specific distribution records, selecting the date returned and clicking the "Confirm return" check box and the "Confirm" button to update the system.

An employee with a profile to which the function "Document return confirmation" has been linked, or a Document management administrator can perform the return confirmation.

Comments can also be added.


Where return was required but the return did not take place, the reason for non-return and comments can be specified. These reasons are predefined via the function Document distribution reason


A  Number of options is provided to view un-confirmed returns

The specific receipt number can be selected

A specific employee name can be selected

A specific distribution ID can be selected

A specific document number can be selected and

Where distributed to an Organisation, a specific organisation or external person can be selected.

You may also check an option to exclude documents for which receipt has not yet been confirmed.


The above will result in the display of all distribution records as per criteria where return has not yet been confirmed.