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Document Distribution

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The function Document Distribution is, as the name applies, primarily applied to distribute documents for the purpose of information, document review/updates, for manufacturing or purchasing or for the distribution of subscription magazines or library books.

The distribution can be to Employees or External Organisations (Customers or Suppliers) and the distribution media can be specified as being the original version, a copy or an electronic version.

Employees can be manually specified or can be pre-linked to a project distribution list.

For security purposes, only employees with pre-defined security classifications can be selected for distribution.

Mail is sent to employees during distribution and where the distribution is made to an External organisation, an internal employee receives the mail on behalf of the organisation.



Any required actions and the reason for distribution can also be specified and various options to display a list of available documents for distribution are provided.

A frozen revision may never be distributed.

If the distribution of a frozen revision is required, document management administrators can un-freeze the revision to allow distribution.

The security ranking of a document is always compared to the security ranking of the employee selected and if the employee has an inadequate security ranking, distribution will be denied.

A receipt is auto-created for every distribution activity (which may include 1 or many documents and 1 or many copies) and the receipt can be printed to obtain acknowledgement of receipt. A receipt contains a collection of distribution IDs, where the system auto-allocates and ID to every document revision/copy reference number within the receipt.


The function has 3 stages of control:

Issue documents to employees and/or organizations and print receipts.

Receipt confirmation to acknowledge receipt of such documents and report on action taken.

Return confirmation to acknowledge return. If return was requested but no return has been made, a reason for non-return and comments can be specified on the 1st tab of this function.


Documents can also be transferred from one employee to another.

Thus, all (or selected) documents that were previously distributed to a specific employee where the documents have not yet been returned to the configuration office canto be transferred to another employee who then needs to acknowledge receipt of and responsibility for such documents.


The function also provides a mode to notify employees of document receipt confirmation required or document returns required and the notifications are sent via internal system mail.


Every employee, to whom documents can be distributed, should have inquiry-rights on this function. This is required so that employees can access this function to confirm receipt of distributed documents.


Document management Administrators have special rights on this function since they can confirm receipt or return on behalf of other employees.


Prior to using this function, a number of predefined values need to be set up via other functions to allow selection of such values during document distribution. These are:

Distribution Media (method of distribution e.g. original, copies, electronic etc.)

Document Actions (to define actions required and action taken)

Document distribution reason (to define reasons for distribution e.g. for info, for review/update, for purchasing, for manufacturing, for disposal etc.)

Document Project Distribution (optional, but can be applied to pre-define a distribution list per Project)

Security classification (to define security classes and ranking and to allocate security classifications to documents and to employees)

Security profiles and Profile access (to give access to users responsible for pre-defining the set-up tables and values and to users responsible for document distribution).