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Document Transfers

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This tab is applied to transfer documents from one employee to another. It allows all (or selected) documents that were previously distributed to a specific employee where the documents have not yet been returned to the configuration  office to be transferred to another employee who then needs to acknowledge receipt of and responsibility for such documents.

The "transfer" of documents thus performs the return and re-distribution of the selected documents and will, as an end-result, reflect the "return confirmation" and the "re-distribution" awaiting receipt confirmation.

1.        The tab has a frame "Document transfer details" where a "Transfer from employee" and a "Transfer to employee" has to be selected. Once the "transfer from employee" is selected, a list of available documents that were distributed to but not returned by the employee will be listed for selection. Filters are provided to exclude documents where receipt has not been confirmed" and/or to exclude documents that were electronically distributed.
2.        Once the "transfer to employee" is selected, the function will compare the security classification of the "To employee" with those of the listed documents and will re-populate the list to only show documents with an equal or lesser security ranking that that of the selected employee. Take note that Documents that are currently "frozen" will be displayed in the colour "red" and selection of these documents will not be permitted.
3.        The process thus involves the selection of "available" documents into the list of "selected documents for transfer" and the clicking of the button "Transfer" to execute the transaction.
4.        A security profile with the linked function "Document distribution transfer" or with linked function "Document management administrator" is required to access this tab and to perform the transfer.
5.        Once the "Transfer" button is clicked, all selected documents will be returned and will be re-distributed to the selected "transfer to employee". Both employees will receive a mail message informing them of the transfer and a new receipt number will be allocated for the re-distributed documents. As for normal distribution, the "transfer to employee" must confirm receipt of the documents.