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On this tab the following fields can be viewed:


hmtoggle_plus1Issue Details

This tab is applied to view the details for a specific selected distribution ID.


A distribution ID represents a specific distribution event within a Receipt and is unique to the document revision number, copy ref number, distributed to employee/organisation, distribution date/time and receipt number. This assists acknowledgement of receipt/return of a specific document revision and copy number during subsequent processes.


The tab displays all fields for an ID from the document distribution table and provides visibility of the document, sheet, revision, copy ref, date/time, receipt number, distributed to employee/organisation, the distribution reason and media, the action required/taken and whether receipt or return has been confirmed.


Where a distributed document has not yet been returned, the function allows fro entry of a reason and comments (e.g. Document lost, document destroyed, document still in use, employee resigned etc.). These reasons are user-defined via the function Document distribution reason.


The function also provides quick jumps to Document Master and Document Analysis via specific buttons "Doc master" and "Analysis" that can be clicked to obtain the jump.

A jump to Document master will auto-select the document that was distributed as per distribution ID.