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Return Required

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This tab provides functionality very similar to the tab where return confirmation is performed.

The difference being that this tab does not update the system but sends mail to employees regarding documents sent to them for which return is required but where return has not been confirmed.


The employees receive mail notification and it is then expected that they return such documents as requested and that return confirmation is then performed by the receiving party.


This tab provides the same modes to view the documents, with additional parameters where the list can be limited to distribution records where the return of previous revisions are required or where a return by date has been specified and the date has become overdue.


In the mode "previous revisions to be returned" the system will check for documents that have lesser effective dates and sequence numbers that the latest revisions issued where such earlier revisions were not yet returned.


In the mode "Only where return by date overdue" the system will check for documents that have a return by date other than 1Jan1900 where the date is in the past and return has not yet been confirmed.


Where External Organisations are involved, an internal employee has to be selected that can receive the mail notification on behalf of the organisation and can expedite the return of such documents.


The "Notify" button is clicked to send the notification mail.