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Select Applicable Docs

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This tab is applied to select all the documents for distribution and to specify the reason for distribution, the action required (e.g. update, return previous revisions etc) where applicable and the return by date for documents such as library books, magazines or wherever return is required by a certain date.


The tab provides functionality to select a specific document, with the option to explode the document's structure (lower levels) up to a user-defined point and to include any associated documents for such documents.

Documents that enjoy a status of "created" can be selected (planned, archived and disposed documents are thus excluded for selection).


Take note that a frozen revision may never be distributed.

Frozen revisions will be populated in the available documents list but will be displayed in red.

If the distribution of a frozen revision is required, document management administrators can un-freeze the revision to allow distribution (e.g. if a document is urgently required for manufacturing and the administrator regards a requested change as nominal and not having an impact of the form, fit or function of the associated part to be manufactured, the frozen status can be lifted).


The function allows you to add documents from a selected document and to then select other documents and add from their available documents as well.

Many document numbers with various sheets and revisions can thus be selected as part of the "package" to be distributed.

Note: When selecting a variety of document numbers please ensure that the distribution media for all will be the same. You cannot select a combination of different media for a single distribution event.


To completely clear the list of available or selected documents, click the appropriate "clear" button.


To proceed with the distribution after selecting all the documents, click the next tab "Distribute" to select the rest of the distribution detail and to perform the actual distribution.