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Additional Detail

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On this tab the following fields can be viewed:


hmtoggle_plus1Additional Detail Tab

This tab is applied for the purpose of adding additional details for a document.

These details are split into 2 distinct areas being:

1. The linking of associated documents: Any other documents that can associate with a selected document can be linked here for visibility (if the document allows linking of associated documents) as specified on tab1. This can for example incorporate the linking of document numbers for tools, gauges, fixtures, and illustrated parts  catalogues or assembly instructions as associated documents for a drawing for the manufacture or assembly of a part. It can also refer to other documents worth looking at to further your knowledge of a topic e.g. the document "Procedure for HR appointments" may have associated docs such as "Company xyz personnel recruitment policy" and others. The function allows selection and linking of 1 or more associated docs by selecting the document and then clicking the down-arrow to link the document. To delete the link, select the document in the list of linked associated documents and click the up-arrow to delete the link.


2.  The linking of additional characteristics to better describe attributes of a document: Multiple additional attributes/characteristics can be added for a document via this function. The function applies the Characteristic linking logic to expose such characteristics and to allow entry of data values for the applicable types.

If mandatory characteristic have been specified for a Document Type, the system will prompt the user to specify such values when a new document is added and the appropriate screen will be popped-up for data entry.

Available characteristics are defined in 2 steps:    

a.  Create the characteristics via the function "Characteristics" and allow it for the table Document master

b.  Go to the function Document Types and select per document type which (of all characteristics applicable to document master) are relevant for a specific document type.

Click the add/change button in the frame to add or edit characteristics for a document number. Click the delete box in the grid and then the delete button to delete the selected characteristics for a document number. Click the refresh button to refresh and display the latest linked characteristics and values for a document after some linking or editing has been done.