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Auto Control

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This setting requires careful consideration before being checked.


For starters, the option can only be checked if the document only allows linking to 1 part only.

The option should only be checked if:

1.        You wish to ensure that every change to the revision of the primary sheet for the document (sheet 0 or 1 as per control level) results in a similar revision to the linked part.
2.        Changes to the effective date of the document revision auto-updates the effective date for the part revision.
3.        The delete of the document revision must auto-delete the equivalent part revision


This setting, when applied, will not allow any manual additions, changes or deletes of the linked part's revisions (not even with an approved change proposal). The part revisions and revision effectivity thus becomes totally dependant on that of the document.

When the document is linked to a Change proposal, the system will auto insert the part revision on the change proposal as well for visibility (with notes that this happened as an automated process from the document revision). Once the document revision is actually added, a part revision will also be added.


This is a handy setting to ensure that the part and document revisions stay in Synchronization via an automated process that is independent of user execution. However, if part revisions do not always tumble due to minor document revisions (such as correction of spelling errors or addition of notes), do not apply this setting.