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Master Data Tab

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This tab contains the master data for a document.  It uniquely identifies a document via

its Document number and allows for numerous   descriptive fields such as the document title, type, group and others.

It also contains the document ownership (internal or external) and rules for creating lower level structures, associated documents, the linking to parts and change control. It also displays the current document status (planned, created, archived or disposed) and will raise comments in red text if the document is disposed or if the current active revision is frozen.

A document is thus added (registered) via this tab and its data and rules are maintained via this tab. This tab is thus applied to add a new document, its 1st sheet and revision number.

The tab also provides quick jumps to the Document Analysis function and Document Distribution function and shows a list of linked parts for a selected document where applicable.

If mandatory characteristic have been specified for the Document Master table and document type, the system will prompt the user to specify such values when a new document is added and the appropriate screen will be popped-up for data entry.


Document master data is inserted to the table Document_Master